Adjusting To A Life As A Self Sufficient Energy Creator.

As you all know by now, my blog is about living life self sufficiently though I don’t think that I have given proper attention to writing about that. Well, I will be doing more of that now. You all know about our loss of stable electricity drama, but for those who haven’t don’t worry, it won’t take long to catch up.
A lot has happened in a month’s time. It has been filled with highs, lows, excitement and disappointment and everything in between. I have learned a lot about myself during this time; some of it good and some of it not so good. I mean, I think that I talked the talk, but I didn’t understand walking the walk until I was faced with the reality of what it actually means to be self sufficiently. That is why I often made the statement “living life as self sufficiently as possible’ because I knew that as long as we had a source from which our electricity came. then we were not completely self sufficient.

Stroom means electric power in Dutch and I am proud to say that now; after more than a few hiccups we now have our own source of electricity through an old diesel generator, batteries, inverter and a battery loader. Tonight is the first night that I can say that we have stable electricity in over a month.
Our old generator that we purchased a few years ago and had every intention of repairing, but hadn’t gotten around to it is finally repaired well enough to generate power for us and aids in charging our new, (to us) very powerful AGM batteries that I am very impressed by.
We have two 12 volt batteries that make 250 V/MPR. When we put them both together we make them 24 volt so that we can use them for most things on the boat. They are fairly fast loading, but they are also discharge very quickly so we will at some point have to get two more batteries to provide us with more power.
Though I am very happy to finally be achieving my dream of self sufficiency, I must admit that I do miss the convenience of being able to flip a switch and have my room flooded with light. These days if I want light the first thing that I must do is start the generator to load the batteries and that is quite an change from what I have been used to all of my life.
I, like many people, got comfortable with the convenience of having instant electricity. Like I said it is an adjustment but not an unpleasant one.
We did seek to get electricity here but it was not possible for us. Even if we would have gotten permission; which was highly unlikely; it would have costed us thousands just to get it set up and that doesn’t include the monthly cost of the electricity. This is the cheapest alternative for us.

We worked out a deal with a guy that we got the batteries from to make monthly payments, which hurts us financially as we live on a pension, but we manage.
Our dream is to eventually have at least two more batteries and a solar panels with a charger so that we can take advantage of charging our batteries with daylight. This way we don’t spend a lot money on the cost of diesel for the generator. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a good strong diesel generator, but it can be costly and it is far more cost effective to take advantage of daylight for charging batteries.
We went through the worst of our dilemma at the darkest time of the year. We felt alone and Isolated, but we do not for one moment regret our choices which are right for us.
We are still in need of assistance and you can help us by donating what you can to Help TheRijs’s.


Apathy will kill your business

This is a piece that I wrote for my blog that I am reblogging here. Please enjoy and comment!”
We all want to make money. Most of us because we want to make a comfortable living for our families, some of us because we want to get rich, save for retirement or pay for college education for our children. For many people today working a side business is not a luxury, but necessary to our survival. If one is successful enough with their work from home business side business it could turn into something more permanent.

I first heard about people making money from blogging several years ago, but was nervous about embarking on such an endeavor myself because I was not confident that I could do it well. I mean, I am a lady living on an old boat. It is hardly a life of luxury after all. Though my life is the right choice for me, I understand that it is hardly the choice for most people since most people are more comfortable with the tradition of living in houses rather than on boats on the water. So in essence, I did not think that my life was interesting enough to write about.

Now, when it comes to the business of being a blogger and trying to draw lasting traffic to my site, I spend my time trying to write about interesting topics that will draw the right kind of traffic in the hopes that someday I will be able to profit from my site.

It is exceedingly important to me to be a believable and trustworthy business-woman. If I make a recommendation for any product or service, I want it to be because I trust that it is a good choice for anyone that decides that it is something that they need. I do not want to just recommend products or services just because of the price tag associated with them.

How Your Business Is Viewed Is How You Will Be Viewed

People tend to associate the person with how they conduct themselves in business. If your need to make money takes precedence over the quality of the product or services that you are promoting then you are viewed as a money hungry business or person that doesn’t really care about his or her customers; and like it or not it is true. People that care about how they present themselves in business are concerned about the quality of what they are promoting. They are more likely to offer good customer service and not have the attitude that every disgruntled customer is trying to cheat them.

Think about it. Most people that are willing to pay for your product or service is doing so because they either need it or have a use for it. Some may be apprehensive because of the price of whatever they have paid for, but you can usually calm their fears with some good old fashioned, one-on-one, time-consuming, customer service.

Using the “sorry, it’s just business” motto does not cover a multitude of sins and in the end will cost you more than a few customers as well as earn you a well-deserved bad reputation costing you many more potential customers in the future as well. If you are new this could destroy you before you get a chance to get your business off the ground.

The Results Of Political Apathy

Political Apathy, in my opinion, is the corner-stone of modern-day poverty. There are many types of apathy to cover; however, today I would like to focus on the effect that political Apathy has on poverty in our society. Believe it or not political apathy is as old as politics, which has existed since humanity has been organizing themselves into living in groups.
Politics has always been more about garnering power than it ever was about altruism. Politics is not just about who we physically vote for, it is about how we choose to lend our support and aid to others.
Human beings love leadership, but the older I get the more I realize it is not because we necessarily crave leadership, it is more a buffer. We desperately need someone to blame when and if things go wrong; or someone to credit if things go well. It seems that we are ill-equipped to take on the responsibility for our own actions. It is the main reason why in the devil gets the blame for everything that goes wrong in Christianity. It is also the reason that God gets the credit for things when they go smoothly and work out.


We complain about politicians as though they are taking something from us instead of taking responsibility for the fact that in our constant state of apathy that we have willingly given our power away. We are not interested in what is real, true and right. We are far more interested in how things APPEAR, even when we know better.
Politicians commit and get away with a multitude of crimes against humanity because we not only allow it, we sanction it. We are so caught up in the idolization of status, wealth and prosperity that we sacrifice the greater good of our fellow human beings in the process. We have sacrificed our freedom at the altar of the Gods of prosperity preaching and teaching and have lost our way concerning doing what it is right.
This is why so many of us are so enamored with articulate, attractive, smooth talkers that present us with an image that reflect our views regardless of how much truth there is involved. Help the Rijs’s

We all know that laws in general create order in society or we would have absolute chaos. Crimes against murder, rape, robbing and stealing are a few of the obvious crimes that we all know are wrong just on face value, but many of the laws that are written into legislation have nothing to do with actually protecting people in general. They are actually written to solidify and protect the wealth and rights of those who are very rich and powerful.
We tell ourselves that laws are created for our protections. We have been singing this song for so long that we believe it to be the undisputed truth, even when the evidence points out otherwise.
It is this kind of apathy towards our fellow-man that causes people to support inhumane laws against feeding the homeless. The justification that is often used is; “if you feed them they won’t try to lift themselves from their impoverished conditions”.
The truth of the matter is that it is this very inhumane behaviour that contributes to spread of poverty. HELP THE RIJS’S

When our party of choice does not get re-elected or elected into office, we turn on each other like rats in a cage when the truth of the matter is, there is little that we could have done with the state of politics being what it is.
We assume that because we are doing what we are told is the right thing to do that politics plays by the same rules when it never has. This is why no real change ever takes place.
What I find to be most disheartening is knowing full well that no matter who one votes for, they don’t have your best interest at heart. Political campaigns for public spectacle and little else. Those political contenders know full well that their campaigns are a show. These potentials are beholden to the wealthy that support their campaigns not only with their money, but with their wealth of connections.
The sad thing is that the politicians involved know the score, but the average supporter does not. Too many of us believe in the political process even though the evidence throughout the years have been telling us that what we believe in is a sham.

Politicians do just enough to make it look like change is taking place, but not enough to really stick. There is no money in the cure it is all made in the treatment. Politicians know full well that if they supported policy they’re affected real change that they would not be needed in their current capacity. What they don’t understand is that if they actually did what was right by the people that they made such lofty promises too that, in making their lives better their popularity would increase building bridges of trust and creating more opportunity to do go among their constituencies. Instead, most choose the shortsighted route. Many people reading this will think that I am only referring to the Republican Party when the ugly fact of the matter is that the ALL politicians are guilty of this blinding shortsightedness regardless of party affiliations. Believing in a party rather than the goal is blind apathy of the worst kind.


Many of the fervently religious regardless of their religion read scriptures that point out the state of the human condition and actually believe that it is a justification for those various states. People that ought to know better view poverty as something inevitable that we must accept because of what they read instead of focusing on the actual message about how to behave.
Holy texts regardless of where they come from were supposed to be a map for how to grow, learn and make life better. They were not written as a destination for the state of our thinking. Humanity for well over a millennia have gotten far too comfortably unconcerned with the human condition, unless it affects is personally in some way. Instead of us walking a mile in someone else’s shows we justify our unconcern by attacking the victim for being victimized.

The truth is that we have always had poverty because we have always had greedy people with a lust for power that like it that way. There are far too many of us that believe the only way to become a success is at the expense of others. Then, we lie to ourselves and to others by saying that we get what we deserve when that is not even close to the case. If that were true, there are many wealthy people who would loss their wealth and would be imprisoned for life just for their crimes against humanity.
There is no such thing as a self-made million-billionaire. No one ever work so hard that they deserve their billion dollar paychecks. We are not islands and we do not ever become successful on our own regardless of the lies we choose to believe after we become wealthy.
It is this kind of assumptive thinking that lends to the belief that poor people are poor because they are lazy and unintelligent and rich people are rich because they are wise and intelligent and that is simply not the truth. My father was a hardworking coal miner. His efforts in the coal mines made the owner of the mines wealthy and I am sure that his family is living from the efforts of men like my father to this day. My father died of black lung. He did what he did for his family.
There are people even now sacrificing their physical, mental and emotional health for the well-being of their families. This doesn’t sound like the actions of unintelligent lazy men and women to me.

The problem is that the often idolised rich businesses’ can afford to pad the campaigns of those running for office to protect their interest. Meaning laws get written that benefit those business owners and they can keep their wealth even when their businesses fail or are sold without being beholden to the people who do the real work to create the wealth behind the business. It is usually the workforce who suffer the most as a result.

The Path of Self Sufficiency Is A Lonely One

I am reblogging this from my Original Boatlady Blog. I am sorry that I have not been very active. We have been without electricity for about a week now altogether. It has been quite an adventure. We have a generator, but it requires quite a bit of fuel. What we need is some batteries and a transformer to make our lives more comfortable. My husband and I enjoy living life on a boat, but the recent events were unexpected, so I have set up a crowd fund to aid us in our goal to get the batteries and the transformer that we need to help us have a more stable winter on-board. Please read and donate what you can. You are more than welcome to share the original blog post or reblog this to help us out. You can go to to help us.

As you all know, I blog about living on a budget with the goal of being as self-sufficient as possible; which for us meant generating our own electricity. We were paying a neighbor for our electricity each month and that was quite comfortable. We didn’t really have to do anything, but plug in. We have batteries, a converter and generator; all of which stopped working when we needed them the most.

The neighbor sold the house, which was no problem; It was after all his house to sell; only he did not tell us until three days after the house had sold. Had he given us some warning we could have made other arrangements.
It is cold at this time of the year and “Groovy old dude” is in great shape for his age, but he is still nearly 80 years old.

Our only option was to fix the generator that we had. Only, we could not do in the time that we needed it. It is getting dark by 4 PM and it isn’t light until about 8 AM. Even with all of that the weather can be very unpredictable at this time of the year, so we were in quite the pickle.
Long story short, we have an old Honda Generator now. It came to us at the perfect time and in an expected way just because the universe works that way. I had friends and family from all around the world praying for us and I do believe that contributed to our great fortune.

This was not all as negative as it sounds. I have learned a lot from this situation. There is so much to tell that I will have to broach it in several different blog-post, but for now I just want to talk about what it truly means to be self-sufficient.

All of my life, I have been a land dweller. There was never a time that I flipped a switch and the electricity did not come on. Now, that I am truly the one responsible for the generation and conversion of my own electricity I feel a sense of accomplishment and fear. Accomplishment because I have the power to generate and convert my own energy; which is actually a dream come true; but fear because we feel isolated because if something does happen we are well and truly on our own. There are no other people living like us near by us so we are lacking support.
What would make life more secure for us is if we had new batteries and converter. The batteries that we would like to get that have a long lifespan are costly at close to 400 Euro including the extortionist taxes that the government as for. Even the cheapest of the kinds of batteries that we need are close to 200 Euro a piece. We need at least two of these batteries and an at least two thousand watt converter to convert the energy stored in the battery into usable energy, battery charger and regulator so that “groovy” no longer needs to worry about when to charge the batteries. With a good regulator the generator will come on when the batteries need to be charged and this will cut the cost of the fuel that we use with the generator.

How To Benefit From Tsu.

What I love about using Tsu is that I have the opportunity to be paid for doing what I normally do on social media each day for free. It is not a get rich quick scheme, you must work it wisely in order for it to work for you, but at least the opportunity to profit from sharing your own content is there in a way that it is not with other social media networks.

Tsu is free. The money made from this particular social media platform is distributed to the users of the Tsu in the form of royalties. So in other words you are being paid for your authentic content that has is being shared by anyone who shares it on the network.  Another way that the money is generated by Tsu, is through the 3rd party partnerships and sponsorships that Tsu brings in. For me, this is extremely important because with some creativity on my part I can drive traffic to my website, make some sales and be paid by Tsu for promoting my work.

tsuguru;, says:“The money is distributed to the users by giving 50% of any revenue created going directly to the content creator (this is similar to the YouTube© or SoundCloud© monetization models). The other 50% is distributed via an infinite series of 1/3’s up a family tree, which is created through a short code invitation. In the tree, 1/3 of any user’s generated economic goes to whoever invited them to the platform. Then 1/3 of 1/3 goes to whoever invited that user and 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 goes to whoever invited that user, etc. This network math propagates infinitely up the family tree, summing to 50%. So, in the end 50% goes to the content creator & 50% goes to the network who brought them to Tsū. For our efforts, we take a 10% fee once economics are created.”


Like it or not Tsu is network marketing. Network marketing is not a dirty word. It has been given a bad name by people desperate to make money from the efforts of others. The problem is that people in network marketing get so carried away with building their down-lines that they neglect the actual promotion of the products or services that they are promoting. Oddly enough, I have found that if you put more effort into presenting your product and or service that you automatically generate your down line without a lot of effort. If you do it the other way around you turn people off.

I have had people attack me for trying to scam them by merely offering them an invitation. I do understand that people can be resistant to change, but this gets to be a bit ridiculous. Offering an invitation is not the same thing as holding a gun to your head. Tsu is FREE. It doesn’t ask you for your money. All that is asked of you is your time. All you really need to do is engage with others. You don’t even need to view it as a money making opportunity, just view it the way that you do any other social media platform if that is what you want to do.

I make an effort to live my life as low-key and practical as possible. It is also how I conduct myself in business. Believe it or not one can actually live by this code and still be a financial success. I have seen so many self professed Tsu gurus tell people to: Choose a niche, Don’t post family photos because people will get bored with you and try to get as many children as possible.
I am telling you to do the opposite. I enjoy Tsu in much the same way that I enjoy Facebook, Tumbr, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Storify.

They all have their own unique appeal that draws me in, but most importantly I enjoy engaging with people from around the world. I learn things that I otherwise would miss out on without that engagement. If you simply enjoy social media and you want to make some extra money in the process then join Tsu. I enjoy Facebook, but it is not offering me the opportunity to make money from sharing my content the Tsu is. If what I have said appeals to you, then by all means take me up on my invitation at

Start New and Meaningful Christmas Traditions

Many people hear the phrase “home made Christmas gifts”, and they tend to think “cheap skate”. I know that many people are cheap because they don’t value, the people in their lives however; many just don’t have the disposable cash to spend on expensive gifts. After all, Christmas is supposed to be about good will as well as giving.

When I was a child, years ago in the hills of West Virginia, the most valuable gifts that we received were at Christmas time were things useful. We did receive our fair share of fun gifts that most children enjoy, but many of our gifts were practical things that we actually needed. For example, we received child sized table and chairs that we actually used as a place for us to eat. I come from a large family and there was never enough room for all of us to sit at the table at one time so gift was something that we got everyday use from.

We have gotten far too caught up in the pomp and circumstance of Christmas. It has become so commercial that the original message has been sacrificed in the name of financial gain. This has shaped our view of the world and not for the better. Instead of focusing on doing what is right and good all year long, we use “Peace on earth and good will to men” as a sales pitch for items that are not as important as we think that they should be.

What if we started to create new Christmas traditions for our families? Why not place high value on making home-made gifts for our family and friends? Why not knit or crochet a nice hat, mittens or a scarf instead of spending a lot of money on named brand items? Of course you would have to start a few months before Christmas and that is the fun of it.


It is important to decide as family how to go about celebrating Christmas. We all love the modern convenience of being able to order our gifts online or pick them up from a shop, Whether we admit it or not, it is more stressful thinking about what gifts to buy when you order them online because if you don’t do it in time, you won’t receive them when you need them. This creates undo stress and sucks the joy out of Christmas making it just another cumbersome chore.

Ask your family for their input for ideas on how you can have a more meaningful, less stressful Christmas holiday. This is not something that you want to put off until a few months before Christmas, this is something that should be started a year to six months before to get your family used to the idea and give you time to think about what you want to make them for gifts if you choose to go that route.
There are so many ways that you can decide to celebrate Christmas as a family that will give you pause to think about just what the real meaning of Christmas is to you. Rather you make home-made Christmas gifts, serve those in need in your community or both your world view will expand and so will the children that you have charge over.

For More information :

How to Get The Most Out Of Using Viral Content Buzz.

I am very new to Viral Content Buzz. I found it when I did a search on how to make content go viral and there it was. I was excited, but a little skeptical in the beginning because there is a lot of , well “misguided information”; and I am being kind; out there about how to make content, photos and videos go viral and it usually comes at a price. Only when you get the information it is usually all hype. If it was true at one time, it’s now out dated. Before I signed up, I wanted to check it out to see just how it could benefit me because I did not want to waste my time on something that would not work.
My main reason for signing up for Viral Content Buzz, was not because I was seeking to make my content go viral, I just wanted to get unique traffic to my site.

To be perfectly honest, I am very new to social media as a blogger and businesswoman. I have been very active on Facebook and Pinterest in my personal life because I enjoyed those particular mediums. It is a good way to keep up with friends and family so I understood how they worked. I have had a Twitter account since about 2009, but did not really use it as much because it was not my preferred mode of communicating with the people who I am closest to. While my personal life is private, I have found Twitter to be great for business.


“If you want friends you must show yourself friendly” is a very old proverb that rings as true today as it did when it was first written. When I first started to get serious about my blogging to the point that I wanted to earn an income from it, I found that my approach social media was all wrong, I went to many of those follow for follow sites, when all I really needed to do was to simply engage with the followers that I had. Viral Content Buzz has made such a strong impact on; my style of writing, the topics that I choose to write about and how I interact with others on social media.
Social media is more powerful than I ever imagined. Facebook alone has billions of viewers from around the world and I have not even mentioned Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Tumblr as well as a new up and coming social network platform Tsu.

What I like about Viral Content Buzz is that they are moderated. They want interesting, useful and innovating content. If your content is not up to snuff they will not accept it and they will tell you why. This challenges me to be a better writer. It motivates me to write about topics that I know will be of interest to the people who I am sharing my work with. This is fairly easy because there is so many topics to read about and seems to be growing on a regular basis.


One of the major benefits that I get out of Viral Content Buzz comes from other bloggers and writers. Most of the time I can find something on just about any topic:  SEO, social media in business, the environment, free traffic, real-estate, food, shopping or anything any topic of any interest to me, I have found it just by surfing the board. I love that it is free and offers me the opportunity to earn credits by reading and promoting the work of other great writers and bloggers that I enjoy reading. I then use those credits to promote my own work, which is a fantastic concept.

I don’t just look at page one of content to promote;  I actually search as deeply as possible into the board to find many of what I consider to be the best gems. I also read the material and when possible, I comment before I promote them.  I thank them when they promote me.  I go out of my way to check out their profiles and promote more of their work if I think that it is something that I or my friends would be interested in.

As a result, I have learned a lot more about blogging as a business, using social media to get traffic to my site and gathering and interacting with followers. I get followers from almost every platform used by Viral Content Buzz every day simply because I engage and support the people who I am following and that follow and support me. I have found it to be a very nurturing and supportive network that I look forward to watching grow.


When I look at the stats for my traffic, I can see that I have received traffic as a direct result of Viral Content Buzz. This was incredibly exciting to me because I had been paying for traffic before. This was traffic that came as a result of my own efforts. I have also received traffic indirectly from all of the social media platforms that Viral Content Buzz offers to promote your work on. It is almost like one stop shopping for me. They have paid plans that I will definitely be investing in when I have the budget because I know that it will be well worth the price.

Reaping The Benefits of Engaging in Social Media

I am constantly learning. I have walked this earth for nearly 50 years and have learned a lot in my tenure here, but the more that I learn I realize that there is still more that I do not know. Humans by nature are social creatures. Not always for altruistic purposes, but social nonetheless. There is an art to communication. One must not only have a message, but how they want that message send and to whom they wish to send it.

Communication is not only about the message that you want to deliver. It is also about being open to reception. If you only want to preach your message, but not listen to and embrace someone else’s then you are not as good a communicator as you may think that you are.

For the first time in our history we have a digital worldwide audience and it is free and yet you would think that there was little communication. It is easy to get overwhelmed and left feeling as though it was all just white noise, and for the person who doesn’t understand the art of communication it is.


In order to gain and sustain; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media platform support you must, must MUST engage with the people who are supporting you. For example, I do not have the largest twitter following. I tried some of those “I will follow you if you follow me” sites and have found that by and large they don’t work for me. These sites are filled with people who want a quick fix and a fast track to increasing their numbers, but they either have little to contribute or they do not know how to adequately communicate what it is that they have to offer or what they are looking for.

When you engage with your audience you opened the doors of opportunity to have an even wider audience. I can’t promise you that you will go viral overnight, but you will build a steady audience; rather quickly; of people who will engage back with you.

I communicate with people who will communicate with me. If someone tweet’s me a link to a good site, I make it my business to visit the site. I am not interested in every site that they send me, but I make an effort to go to as many as I can. If they have a product or service that I can benefit from, then I take advantage of those opportunities. If it is a site that is not to my interest, it doesn’t stop me from promoting it to people who would be interested. Why do I do this? Because the real name of the game is “network sharing” which to me is passing it forward. I am not the only person using social media to draw attention to my blog or service. The people that are following have something that they wish to promote as well and I acknowledge them, I increase my audience because I am actually engaging with them and the people that they are engaged with..


In this age of instant gratification we expect quick end result. I can’t promise you hundreds or even thousands of followers overnight, but I can promise you that if you put sincere effort into what you do that you can get as many social media supporters as you are willing to work hard to engage with. It pays to communicate with these people and support their efforts in the same way that you would like for them to support yours. I have found that I have increased my social by more than 50 percent since I have started actively engaging with people. More importantly, it has gotten me a fair amount of traffic to my blog. Just like anything else in life you get out of social media marketing, just what you get out of it.

Don’t be the Gladys Kravitz of your community.

As humans we tend to only want to accept positive and gray area human attributes as a part of human nature. For example, natural curiosity is well, natural. The human animal by nature is curious. It is not at all unusual to see your family or neighbors with what we assume are new items and wonder how they got them. Unfortunately, mean-spirited, nosiness that comes from a deep-seated place of envy at the very least and jealously at the very worse.

I have listened; because trying to reason with people like this is fruitless; who justify this ugly attribute by giving you an account of the background of the person that they are harshly judging. They say things like ” He/She only makes ex amount of dollars per hour and should not be able to afford this or that. They go on to assume that these people have somehow cheated their way into their good fortune when in many cases that’s not true.

I know of a young married couple that work low wage jobs. They mind their own business and keep to themselves. They are so busy working to keep a roof over their heads they don’t have time to engage in idle gossip or chit chat. Well, long story short, they got a new car. It was a latest out on the market and with the jobs that they were working one would assume that they could not afford the payments.

There were actually people who got angry at the fact that this young couple had a new car. They assumed that they had turned to a life of crime to get their car. I of course got annoyed and being the outspoken person that I am I told them that it was none of their business how they got the car.

Some busy Betty decided to report them to the police; her brother was an officer; who told her to mind her own business and rightfully so. Somehow, the husband found out what was going on and he did something that I would not have been able to do because I am sometimes to contrary for my own good. He told them how he WON the car in some contest and he had. I wish that I could say that this was enough to quiet the league of gossiping old malcontents, but it wasn’t.

What a lot of these people also did not understand is that though these people were working poor, they were very smart with how they spent their money. They took advantage of supermarket and drug store savings that came in contact with. When they bought they bought in bulk and they stored for a rainy day. No they were not hoarders they are just frugal.

This couple really impressed me with their savvy and weren’t struggling as much as the people that were being judgmental. They did not live above their pay grade. They would some extreme couponing throughout the year for items that they used like laundry detergent, tooth paste, razors, dish soap, napkins and paper towels. By the time the holidays came around they were not pressed for cash because they caught their savings LONG before the holidays were even here. They thought ahead. They had a pantry and freezer with enough food and accessories to last them at least a year and they used their perishables on a rotation.

Their Christmas gifts were things like home-made jars of herbs, cookies and candy and it wasn’t a stretch for them because they upcyled old spaghetti sauce, jam, mustard and pickle jars, I suspect that they got many of their ideas from Expert Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Guide, which is an excellent source, but I did not ask.

Every summer they had a garden. They came home from work in the summer and when the weather was good they were outside in their garden growing food that they would both can, freeze and dry to store away for a time when their hours at work would be cut.

They did not own the house that lived in it was rented, but they lived within their grade. I was very impressed because it harkened me to a time when this was a way of life for most folks where I came from. It didn’t have this “Prepper” label that it has now. It was just simply what you did. I think that we have gotten so accustomed to the idea that the government will be there to pick up the slack, we just expect it when perhaps we shouldn’t Perhaps being far more proactive by not being so wasteful, taking advantage of sales, and recycling we could stay ahead of the game.

Search Engine Politics Will Suck The Joy Out Of Blogging If You Let It.

I am embracing a new concept. Well, it’s not totally new. In the beginning I started blogging because I believed the hype about the money that you could make and for the most part I still believe that it is possible provided that you are distinguishing yourself in a way that has audience appeal.

I do enjoy blogging. I haven’t always had the confidence in my abilities. See, I don’t have the problem that many people have with not knowing what to blog about. I always have an opinion about everything. There is always a suggestion or recommendation that I don’t mind sharing with others, not because I am such an expert; but because I pick up little tips and tricks and I want to share them with someone else who might be looking for a particular solution at that given time. Like a three-year old, I always have questions that there may or may not have an answer.

However, what I don’t enjoy about blogging is how narrow, and commercial it has become. There is so much emphasis placed on what to do to keep Google from being pissed at you  or how to rank your page that frankly, it sucks the joy and humanity of the whole experience. There are so many “experts”out there giving so much conflicting advice that it would make the devil himself want to tell them that they were not even fit for the bowels of hell.


I love going to out-of-the-way “Mom and Pop” restaurants. They are not Michelin star rated. Michelin probably doesn’t know that it exist and do you know why? Because their clique of chefs are not interested in them, yet these little out-of-the-way restaurants, bistros and hole in the wall diners are making a good living and have excellent credibility because Jo and Rosie Public know  “Mom and Pop” ,love their food and, the service that they provide.

“Mom and Pop” may not be on the highway but what they have to offer is so unique that people will walk a country mile for it. They have created their own map for people to follow to get to where they are.

So in other words, if your blog is basically a cheap and uneducated hooker trying to pass itself off as a Professor of Modern History, it doesn’t matter if you are on page one of Google or not. You are still not offering anything of any value. People for the most part will look through the packaging and see what is real and there goes any credibility that you may have had. I see many branded companies that are quite well-known but yet they are full of pomp but nothing substantial. They have little to nothing to offer and the only reason that they are still standing is because people believe that they have something to offer until they see that it is all just smoke in mirrors.

My goal is not to just make a quick buck. I work hard on everything that I do for my blog from building traffic, to the blog post. I write from the heart because I do believe that there is someone out there thinking just what I am thinking but they haven’t written it. I am patterning myself after “Mom and Pop because my customer base will be Joe and Rose. As long and they see me and are interested in what I have to say, my blog will be read and my business will grow.

I want what I say to actually have some meaning and credibility and that means more to me than what Google or any other search engine says.


I do long for the old days when there was more competition between search engines. What Google and other large search engines have done is a betrayal to what they once stood for. Now that the competition is limited becoming a success is far more difficult than it used to be regardless of what people say.

Oddly enough, I understand and agree with the message at large that Google is trying to deliver. It is just that… well, it’s bull shit. I don’t know any other way to put it. Some of the very things that people are being penalized for is what big businesses on the net get away with on a regular basis and won’t be penalized for.

Google is only trying to kill what it can’t control and needs to realize that there is no such thing as being too big to fail contrary to what we are lead to believe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Google, I just don’t trust it. I have a G-mail account and I have a site hosted by Google but will more than likely move on to greener pastures after my time is done.

So many people are writing and following anything that anyone from Google says like it is some new religion and it is quite frightening when I think of how fanatical people can be. They are treating Google as though it is a new god that we all should bow down and worship, while it does an alien probe on us.

I don’t have much of a web presence. I would not say that I am new to this game, it’s just that it was a game that I have watched from the side line and elected not to participate in. You get a clearer perspective when you are watching from the bleachers. That being said, I have decided to create my web presence doing things my way and not the way that some “expert” or “guru” says that I should. If I blogged the way that many of these people suggested I would we very unhappy.

It is an unkind thing to overwhelm people who are new to websites and blogging with a thousand things that they shouldn’t and can’t do before they understand what they even can or how they wish to express themselves.  Most good teachers don’t do that.